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Scrambles Amongst the Alps

A free web version of the classic book by Edward Whymper, also available as a ebook.

Scrambles Amongst the Alps describes the nine years from 1860 to 1869 that Edward Whymper spent climbing in the Alps. Whymper made dozens of first ascents and acquired a reputation as one of the best in the field of alpine mountaineering. Whymper made seven attempts at summiting mountaineering's Holy Grail of the time - the Matterhorn. He succeeded on his eighth attempt becoming the first to reach its peak. This success came at a terrible cost, as four of his companions fell to their deaths on the descent. It was a tragedy that would cast a shadow over the remainder of his life.

Edward Whymper was an English mountaineer, explorer, illustrator, and author. Whymper also made first ascents on the Mont-Blanc massif and in the Pennine Alps, Chimborazo in South America, and the Canadian Rockies. His exploration of Greenland contributed to an advance in Arctic exploration.

Edward Whymper died on the 16th September 1911 aged 71 in Chamonix Mont-Blanc and was buried in the Chemin du Biolay Cemetary.

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Scrambles Amongst the Alps
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