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Porsche GT2RS

Master of the green hell

Porsche GT2RS on the Nordschleife
Porsche GT2RS on the Nordschleife

September 2017: Nürburgring, Germany — Lars Kern from Germany and Nick Tandy from the UK broke the record for road-approved sports cars in their first attempt. The pair ended up with five laps on the Nordschleife circuit in under 6 minutes, 50 seconds, in two different GT2 RS on stock tyres. Quite an achievement.

The Nordschleife was built in 1925 through Germanys Eifel forest and was given its nickname of the 'Green Hell' by Sir Jackie Stewart. The 22km circuit is unusual in not only its length but the amount of difficult corners, crests, gradients and constantly changing road surfaces.

6 mins 47.3 secs
Porsche GT2RS
Porsche GT2RS

The Porsche 991 GT2RS is the most powerful 911 ever made. It has a 700 hp biturbo flat engine and weighs only 1,470 kg with a full fuel tank. Accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, the rear-wheel drive takes it to a 340 km/h terminal velocity. The large turbochargers push an increased volume of air into the combustion chambers, aided by a cooling system that sprays the charge-air cooler with water at peak load.

Lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic is heavily featured on the front wings, wheel housing vents, mirror outers, air intakes, the rear side sections and many of the interior components. The bonnet is also made from carbon and the standard roof is made from magnesium.

If all of this isn’t enough, a Weissach package is available saving 30 kg by swapping to a carbon roof, anti-roll bars and coupling rods on both axles. Magnesium wheels reduce both the gross and unsprung weight.

Porsche GT2RS
Porsche GT2RS interior
Time 6:47:3

A set of GT2RS vector outlines are availble to download now