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Bellroy Elements Sleeve wallet

The minimal outdoorsman wallet

Bellroy Elements Sleeve Wallet
Bellroy Elements Sleeve wallet

Bellroy exists to slim your wallet. A simple message for what should be a simple product. I, like many others, carried a regular wallet around for as long as I can remember. It had spaces for many things, many things I never had. It also had space for paper money and coins. Once you put coins in it, it became too heavy. It had two clear plastic sections for something I never owned. I carried paper cash, driving licence, bank cards, credit cards, loyalty cards and the odd business card in it.

Over time I stopped carrying cash and I stopped going to ATMs. All my purchases became card based either online or bricks and mortar. Business cards also seemed to disappear. So my wallet was 50% unused. Carrying it also required a large pocket and it was obvious to any thief in my back pocket.

Then I discovered Bellroy. Bellroy have a selection of slim wallets, ideal for a card based lifestyle. I was keen to go as minimal as possible and as I spent a lot of time outdoors the Elements Sleeve seemed to be the solution.

It's made from water-resistant leather, not that it's water resistant as such. It's just designed not to soak up water should your pocket leak or it gets splashed. It's made from a nice full-grain, vegetable tanned leather, that's made under environmental stewardship standards. It feels nice in your hand. Not like a leather bag or jacket, more functional, grippy, tactile.

Operation is simple. A flap covers your main card. A pull-tab reveals the rest of your cards. Simply pull the tab and all your other cards are revealed. Press the cards back in to close the tab. It's a method I have only seen before used on phone cases and works very well. It also has a single key stash, which I haven't found a use for so far. You can carry up to 6 cards and it measures just 10cm x 7.4cm and is covered by a 3-year warranty.

I haven't had a single issue with it. It slips into every pocket I have, front jeans being the most secure, and I don't even notice it. The only comment I could make is the flap for the main card could be a little easier to close. But that's being very picky. The Bellroy Essentials Sleeve is one of my essential items.

Three years on from this review there's good news and bad. The good news is the wallet is still as good as the day I bought it. The bad news is Bellroy don't sell it anymore. You might still be able to pick one up online or Bellroy sell other card sleeves.